An initiative by Metro de Madrid's employees raises over €110,000 to fight COVID-19

Metro Donations
This week, the distribution of 10,000 bags of food to the most vulnerable families in Madrid has begun. Metro de Madrid collaborates in the campaign with staff and resources from its Logistics service.


A group of Metro de Madrid employees have mobilised thousands of people through social networks to raise funds to fight coronavirus. The initiative of the workers of the public company of the Region of Madrid has managed to collect more than €110,000 through two campaigns to provide cleaning and hygiene materials to health centres and elderly people and to deliver food to Madrid families with scarce resources.

On 4 May, the second fundraising campaign was closed and this week the distribution of more than 10,000 bags of food started, in collaboration with and neighbourhood associations and organisations.

The group, called “Metreroscovid19”, launched its first campaign on 26 April and in less than a week it managed to raise more than €60,800 to provide resources for health centres and senior citizens. Thanks to the donations of over 1,150 people, they were able to purchase more than 6,600 litres of cleaning products, as well as mops, cloths and rubbish bags; more than 420 litres of hygiene products, and nearly 40,000 gloves and other personal hygiene items. There are also mattresses and pillows, bedding, blood pressure monitors, glucometers, stethoscopes, masks and operating room hats. The aid was delivered to 23 health centres, 41 care homes for the elderly and dependent persons, SAMUR, the Alcorcón Fire Brigade and Civil Protection, and several neighbourhood associations. Metro de Madrid collaborates in the distribution process by making the staff and transport resources of the Metro Logistics service available to the employees who promote this initiative.


In this second campaign, more than €50,000 have been collected, which have been transformed into bags full of staple foods. So, for every €5 donated, a hamper with one litre of milk, one litre of oil, a jar of pulses, a packet of biscuits, a bag of pasta and a bag of rice, or similar products was prepared.

The employees themselves are in charge of making the purchases, depending on the needs transferred by the different entities, as well as preparing the bags and organising the distribution. Madrid has been zoned by neighbourhoods to collaborate with neighbourhood associations and small social entities that have not yet been reached by larger NGOs, such as Banco de Alimentos. Others involved in the distribution include the Las Águilas neighbourhood network, the Caño Roto neighbourhood association and the Carabanchel Alto neighbourhood association.

The donations made by Metro employees are complemented by those made by the public company of the Region of Madrid a few weeks ago, which delivered 831 items of clothing from the old uniform for use by the people cared for in the IFEMA emergency shelter, as well as 350 towels and 8,100 bottles of water that were donated to the Red Cross for distribution in various shelters.