The Region of Madrid will place 5,000 posters on Metro platforms to remind people of the ban on going down onto the track

Posters on Metro platforms
Signs have already been installed at 13 underground stations and will be placed on platforms throughout the network. If an object falls onto the track, station staff should be notified for possible recovery. Warnings will be located on the front of the platform edge and along the platform so they are visible from both sides

The Region of Madrid has begun installing posters reminding people not to go down onto the tracks in Metro stations. These new signs will be placed on the front of the platform edge and along the platform so that they can also be seen from the opposite platform.

The stations of Tetuán, Estrecho, Alvarado, Bambú, Tirso de Molina, Antón Martín, Estación del Arte, Menéndez Pelayo, Puente de Vallecas, Alfonso XIII, Esperanza, Prosperidad and Arturo Soria already have these new indications. Over the next few weeks, 5,000 posters will be placed in the remaining underground network stations.

This initiative aims to ensure the safety of underground users and prevent possible accidents on the network. If an object falls onto the track, the user must notify station staff, as they are responsible for recovering it, if possible.


New signs have also been placed on trains and in Metro stations to protect the health of underground employees and users. They inform passengers of the new conditions they must take into account when travelling on the Madrid underground, such as distance between users or limited seat occupancy, among other aspects.

These new indications are in addition to the vinyls installed on platform surfaces to indicate interpersonal safe distance between passengers. The new notices will reinforce this message at different points in the network, where it is important that this distance is maintained.

Thus, interpersonal distance guideline signs are being placed on the ground in areas of transit such as passageways, station access doors, and station entrance and exit turnstiles. Additionally, there are signs on station platforms walls and markings to prevent the use of certain seats on trains and on platform benches.

In the same vein, signs are being installed on the need to maintain the safe distance between passengers while using escalators. Station passageways will also feature a red stripe marking this safe distance.

Sign have already been placed reminding people of the need to maintain hand hygiene and that the use of masks is compulsory on the underground and on all public transport.