Metro de Madrid puts a replica of its rhombus on sale

Metro de Madrid puts a replica of its rhombus on sale
There are two models: the original and the LGTBI, similar to the one installed at the Chueca station. The rhombuses are already sold in the Sol and Plaza de Castilla shops and in the online shop. There will also be new merchandising products such as masks or prints by the illustrator Paco Roca with the design on the mural of the Plaza Castilla station

Metro de Madrid is putting a replica of its iconic rhombus on sale, which is in demand by passengers and tourists visiting the capital. If there is something representative of Madrid it is the rhombus of the Madrid underground, which over the years has become a brand of the city and part of the urban landscape of Madrid.

The rhombus is produced in a material called Dibond, which is lighter and more manageable than classic sheet metal, and is presented in real size: 110 x 66.5cm. It is also prepared to be hung on the wall, so that it can be used as a decorative element.

In addition to the traditional model with the colours white, red and blue, another one has been made with the LGTBI colours, similar to the one installed at the entrance of the Chueca station. Both rhombuses can now be purchased at the Metro shops in Sol and Plaza de Castilla stations, as well as on the Metro online shop. Both rhombuses have a unit price of €49.95

In addition to the rhombus, Metro is adding new items to its product catalogue, which will arrive over the next few days. These are masks portraying the Metro lines, or prints by the illustrator Paco Roca, with the same image displayed on the mural located in the Plaza de Castilla station. This is a limited series of a charming work dedicated to our elders.

On the other hand, a new line of LGTBI products is also being incorporated. In addition to the T-shirts launched for Pride 2020 and the multicoloured rhombuses, new products such as key rings and magnets in the characteristic colours will be launched soon. 


Antonio Palacios, one of the most important architects of the 20th century, was not only in charge of designing the Madrid underground and decorating the stations, he was also the author of the Metro logo. A design that has become an icon of Madrid and an element of the city.

Antonio Palacios was clear that Madrid had to be a more European city, and he had to find its own style in its creations and in its urban imagination: it had to be versatile and suit the use of the city. That is why Palacios was inspired by the London Underground logo and its characteristics, which are simple but firm: clarity, simplicity and dynamism. A representation that has also evolved over time and with the different trends in society at Metro de Madrid, but the great change came in the 1980s.

The Metro brand was then given a facelift: its shape and colours were maintained (with the blue being lowered somewhat), the typeface was changed to Helvetica and lower case letters were used for the first time. Moreover, until then, versions of the logo with reliefs and glosses had been used, and only flat colours were used, although it has always kept its essence, which has made this design a true icon of Madrid.