The Community of Madrid drives the renovation of the catenary on the 9B line of the Metro de Madrid

Puerta de Arganda station
700,000 euros will be invested in modernisation measures to improve the quality of service. This section of line 9 is also included in the automatic capacity control system implemented in the underground.

The Community of Madrid is going to drive the renovation of the catenary system on the 9B line of the Madrid Metro between the Puerta de Arganda and Arganda del Rey stations, which will make it possible to reduce incidents and improve the quality of service on this section of the Madrid underground, which last year carried 6.87 million passengers.

This was put forward today by the Government’s Regional Minister of Transport, Mobility and Infrastructure, Ángel Garrido, to the Mayor of Arganda del Rey, Guillermo Hita, following a meeting held to analyse actions needed to improve mobility for residents of the municipality and its surrounding areas.

In this way, TFM - the concessionaire of Metro line 9B - is going to allocate around 700,000 euros to the renovation of the catenary system, with an initial action, beginning in the coming weeks, to replace the contact wire at a cost of over 340,000 euros.


The automatic capacity control system that has been implemented in the Metro de Madrid network will also be incorporated into this section as an additional safety measure in view of the current health situation. Line 9B did not have this system until now as it is a section managed by a concessionaire.

The automatic capacity control, already implemented in 225 of the Metro network’s stations, operates through the validation of the entry turnstiles and blocks accesses with micro cuts of 2-3 minutes to avoid overcrowding if necessary. 

At this morning's peak time, this system has been activated 1,042 times, five times more than was usual until last week, as stricter seating control has been established since last Monday.