Metro de Madrid joins the disability awareness campaign #IgualDeDiferentes

Metro de Madrid joins the disability awareness campaign #IgualDeDiferentes
Illustrators such as Javi Royo, Lyona, Miguel Gallardo and Pilarín Bayés take part in the initiative. Humorous stories about the challenges people with disabilities face will be displayed on station signage during November and December. A mural with ten stories representing the daily life of people with disabilities has been installed at the Legazpi station

Metro de Madrid has joined in the dissemination of the #EqualDeDiferentes campaign, promoted by the Eurofirms Foundation, to raise awareness of the need for proper treatment of people with disabilities, as well as their integration into the workplace. The campaign, which takes place during November and December, is part of the commemoration of the International Day of Disabled Persons, which takes place on 3 December.

The awareness campaign includes a series of cartoons by several illustrators, such as Javi Royo, Lyona, Miguel Gallardo and Pilarín Bayés, which represent different situations that people with disabilities face in their everyday lives.

These stories will be shown on the signage of the underground stations, as well as at the Legazpi station, where there is a mural with ten of these images that invite people to understand the reality people with disabilities face humorously and in a casual way.


Metro de Madrid wants to promote the independence of people with disabilities by creating a more inclusive transport model. Thus, one of its priorities is to make the use of the network easier for all passengers, regardless of their circumstances.

To this end, in addition to working on eliminating physical barriers, it’s making a great effort to improve the cognitive accessibility of the network. That is why Metro de Madrid is reinforcing the programmes and actions included in the Support Line for Reinforcing Autonomy (LARA) developed by the company, which aims to favour inclusion through transport.

For this purpose, making use of its great potential as a communication channel, the company collaborates in the dissemination of information and awareness campaigns on disability and respect for diversity in the Metro network, as is the case with the #IgualDeDiferentes initiative, which seeks to normalise disability through humour and empathy.

The Eurofirms Foundation works for the normalisation of disability in society. Among other activities and to increase the number of job placements by 2020, the Foundation is carrying out several activities aimed at increasing the employability of candidates and generating more inclusive environments in organisations.