Metro de Madrid is modifying its Christmas Eve and Christmas Day opening hours

Metro de Madrid is modifying its Christmas Eve and Christmas Day opening hours
The special timetables will affect the Metro de Madrid, Metro Ligero, EMT and Cercanías Renfe services. The last service will finish early on the 24th and later on the 25th. Metro de Madrid is increasing the frequency of trains and staff working by up to 55%, especially on lines with access to shopping areas over this period

The Community of Madrid, through the Regional Transport Consortium, is informing public transport users of the modification of timetables for the Christmas Eve and Christmas celebrations. The plans will see the last service finishing early on the 24th, and later on the 25th.

Metro de Madrid services will end at 10 pm on Christmas Eve, meaning that the public will be able to enter up until 9.30 pm. For Metro Ligero and Metro Ligero Oeste, the last trains will leave each station at 9.30 pm. On Christmas Day, the service will start at a later time of 8 am at all stations of the network.

The Municipal Transport Company (EMT) of Madrid will also have special timetables on 24 and 25 December. On Christmas Eve, the last buses will leave between 8.30 and 8.45 pm. Furthermore, the night service will begin at 10 pm in the centre and at 10.40 pm; and will end at 7 am on the 25th. On Christmas Day, the first buses of the daytime service will leave at 7.15 and 8 am.

As for the Renfe Cercanías trains, their timetable will finish earlier than usual on the 24th and start running later on the 25th. On 30 and 31 December, Sol station (Cercanías and Metro) will be closed from 9 pm onwards following the instructions of the Government Delegation.


The Regional Transport Consortium has activated a special mobility scheme for Christmas that will be active until 7 January and which will see the service operating at a higher frequency, especially on the lines providing access to the commercial areas.

In this regard, Metro de Madrid has increased the number of trains on lines 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10. On some lines, there will be up to a 50% increase on working days, and 55% at weekends.

Throughout the Christmas period, there will be an increased number of Metro de Madrid staff and security personnel in the station lobbies where the greatest numbers of passengers are expected, as well as at any other point along the network where it is necessary.

Sol station will remain closed every Saturday between 7 and 8 pm until 2 January, at the request of the Madrid Municipal Police.

In the case of the EMT, normal bus timetables will be running, and frequencies may be increased if necessary on the lines that run through the busiest areas. The Regional Transport Consortium points out that this year three new Cero lines have been launched to provide service to the Centre district and its perimeter, meaning that public transport in the area has been reinforced when compared to last year.

For Cercanías, trains on lines C-2, C-5 and C-7 that connect the different towns of the region with the capital will be running at twice the normal frequency during the weekend until 12 January. This is also true for 23, 24, 25, 30 and 31 December and 1 and 6 January. Similarly, the C-4 line service will be running at twice the normal frequency on Saturdays. In addition, back-up staff have been called to Sol station to deal with the increased influx of passengers and, where appropriate, to regulate access to the station.