Metro de Madrid handles more than 12,800 queries through social media in three days

Metro de Madrid handles more than 12,800 queries through social media in three days
From Saturday 8 to Monday 11 January. Metro has gained more than 13,637 followers among all its social media accounts as a result of “Filomena” and of being the only possible means of transport to move around Madrid. The Metro website receives 914,000 visits, 1,263% more than the same day in 2020. Most of the queries on social media are about how to make different trips, the state of the facilities and the new Metro timetable

Metro de Madrid beats its record for the number of enquiries and responses on social media since it began to snow last Friday. From 8 January to yesterday, the Metro handled more than 12,800 passenger enquiries on social media, most of them in real time. It also has 13,637 new followers on social media and 914,000 visits to its website, which is 1,263% more than over the same period in 2020. The app has also experienced an increase with 99% more users than in the previous three days.

The "Filomena" weather phenomenon and the fact that it is the only possible means of transport for travelling around Madrid has led to an exponential increase in the number of followers and views on all Metro's digital channels in just three days. Most of the queries concerned how to make tips, the state of the facilities and the movement of trains or the new timetable of the underground, as the service has been provided without interruption since last Saturday and will continue to do so today, Tuesday.

The number of Twitter followers has increased the most out of all the social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube) with 10,000 new followers. On this channel, which answers most questions about the Metro service in real time, the number of followers has reached 577,200 to date.

Instagram has also noticed an increase of 2,385 new users, so it now has 51,500. While Facebook is the next growing social media account, reaching more than 83,200 followers, 369 new ones.

On the Metro website, the most consulted page has been the map with 80,845 visits in 3 days, which means as many visits as in the previous month and a half.

Metro de Madrid has considered it very important to maintain these channels of constant communication with passengers as it has become the only means of travel around Madrid. The data reflects the interest of users in having more information on the travel alternatives within the network to reach their destinations.