Metro de Madrid includes information on train occupancy levels in its app

Mobile phone screen with the Train Occupancy app
The Regional Minister for Transport, Ángel Garrido, presents the new feature, which allows for improved journey planning. The application provides train occupancy levels by station, direction and time slot based on statistics. It will benefit the app's 30,000 active users on average every day. The app now provides real-time information on the occupancy level of stations with capacity control.

From today, Metro de Madrid offers information on the occupancy level of trains on its official app. The Regional Minister of Transport, Mobility and Infrastructure and President of Metro de Madrid, Ángel Garrido, has presented the new feature of the official app, which will enable users to better plan their trips on the underground.

Thus, the app will provide information on the occupancy level of trains by station, direction and section, from the start to the end of the service. These data, which are updated daily, are calculated based on the records for previous days without incidents or events, posting the most frequent data within each interval.

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, Metro de Madrid has taken measures to improve health safety and minimise risks. Among them are the new features of its app, which enables the improvement of the travel experience and finding the best and fastest route. Thus, since June, it provides information on station occupancy and now also train occupancy levels", explained Garrido.

Metro de Madrid, directed by Silvia Roldán, has taken a first step with this feature for the implementation of real-time train occupancy information. Since last June, the Metro app has been providing real-time information on the occupancy level of stations, as well as the occupancy history for the last 45 minutes.

The app, which has an average of 30,000 active users per day, has thus become a very useful and comprehensive tool for all those who want to plan their journey in advance, enabling them to find out the status and occupancy of both the facilities and the trains running on the network.

With the new feature, when the user accesses the information on a station, a list of occupancy levels is displayed by hourly intervals (from the current time to the end of service), on all lines except ML1, which will be included soon. You can also click on each of the time slots to see the occupancy level of the stations on the line up to the final terminus station.

If the query coincides with an incident, a message appears explaining that the information is not available due to a traffic incident on the selected line and tells the passenger that they can check the status of the Metro network, where they can see what the incident is. If the query is made on a closed station, another message appears warning that no information is available.


In addition to train and station occupancy levels, Metro has optimisedmore of the app’s features over the last year. This tool enables users to find out, more quickly and intuitively, which station is closest to where they are and how long it will take for the next train to arrive.

It also offers the possibility to save favourite stations for quick and easy access to information on occupancy levels and train stop forecasts.

The app also provides real-timeinformation on the status of the network's lifts and escalators. And users can subscribe to push notifications for the different lines in the network, specifying the days and time slots of their choice. These alerts give an added value to the service provided by the app, due to its convenience and immediacy. By knowing the state of traffic in real time, users will be able to plan their trips more efficiently

In addition, it is possible to obtain the recommended route with fewer stations or with fewer changes, taking into account other public transport operators (Metro, EMT and Cercanías) and provides information on the approximate journey time.

In addition, it enables users to send notices for station cleaning, train cleaning, as well as station furnishings and maintenance.

It also offers the possibility of check the balance on the public transport card, as well as useful general information on season tickets, fares, timetables and contact details.