Metro de Madrid kicks off its annual awareness-raising campaign with the fight against racism

Group of people at the campaign launch event
The underground is starting its #muévete campaign to raise awareness among passengers about different social causes. Social causes will be visible on the advertising displays on platforms and social media. The company has collaborated in the short film Ojalá pudiera (If only I could), which narrates the feelings of victims of a xenophobic incident.

Metro de Madrid has today kicked off its annual awareness campaign #muévete, with which it will give visibility to various social causes and which this month will be dedicated to raising awareness against racism. The Regional Minister of Transport, Mobility and Infrastructures of the Region of Madrid and President of Metro de Madrid, Ángel Garrido, has presented the initiative with which Metro wishes to raise the profile of various important social issues such as women's equality, children's rights, respect for diversity, culture and care for the elderly.

"#Muévete is a campaign that aims to shake consciences and promote solidarity, integration and equality among travellers. We take advantage of Metro's enormous potential as a communication channel to support different social causes and promote individual and collective action", emphasised Garrido.

Thus, the first social cause to be promoted on the Madrid underground is respect for diversity and the fight against racism. During this month various actions will be carried out to promote respect for others with the slogan ‘Todos los colores tienen su punto. Ponle punto final al racismo’ (Every colour has its point. Put an end to racism.)

In addition to this campaign, which will be seen on advertising displays placed on station platforms and reflected on social media, Metro will carry out other actions in collaboration with various leading social organisations in the fight against racism. These actions will take place until 21 March, the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Along these lines, the company has today presented the poster for the short film Ojalá pudiera (If only I could), filmed entirely at Paco de Lucía station last summer and which narrates a xenophobic incident that occurred on the underground, focusing on the feelings of the victims. The short film, directed and produced by Alan Frederiksen, is supported by the Instituto del Cine de Madrid and will be presented at several national and international festivals.

Other causes will also be given visibility during the month of March, such as women's equality and the need to use water responsibly, coinciding with International Women's Day (8 March) and World Water Day (22 March).


With #muévete, Metro will deal with different topics each month, such as equality and non-discrimination, the social inclusion of vulnerable groups such as people with disabilities, prevention and health care, the promotion of sustainable habits and consumption, care for the environment or children's rights and solidarity.

April will be dedicated to health; May to culture; and June to the fight against LGTBphobia and respect for diversity. In July, Metro will move for the elderly and in August for young people and against inequalities.

September will see actions against bullying and in favour of inclusion, while October will be reserved for the fight against cancer and animal abuse. In November and December, Metro will encourage its customers and employees to take action for children's rights and solidarity, respectively.

The #muévete initiative is a key part of Metro de Madrid's Corporate Responsibility policy and forms part of its social line, which allows it to collaborate actively with social organisations and groups by offering them the resources of the Region of Madrid public company, such as its facilities, museum spaces, the experience of its employees and the great potential of the underground as a showcase and dissemination channel.

Ángel Garrido, consejero de Transportes, Movilidad e Infraestructuras de la Comunidad de Madrid y presidente de Metro de Madrid

Metro de Madrid kicks off its annual awareness-raising campaign with the fight against racism
Metro de Madrid kicks off its annual awareness-raising campaign with the fight against racism
Metro de Madrid kicks off its annual awareness-raising campaign with the fight against racism