Metro de Madrid and the CEOE Foundation and CEIM join forces to fight the consequences of COVID

The CEO of Metro, Silvia Roldán, the President of the CEOE Foundation, Fátima Báñez, and the President of CEIM, Miguel Garrido, in the Nave de Motores
Collaboration agreement providing for different activities with social purposes. The underground joins the "Plan Sumamos", which seeks to join forces through the collaboration of companies

Metro de Madrid, the CEOE Foundation and the Confederation of Businessmen of Madrid (CEIM in Spanish) have signed a collaboration agreement to work together within the framework of the "Plan Sumamos. "Salud + Economía” (We add Plan. Health + Economy) with the aim of minimising and controlling the effects of the pandemic, and also to develop future projects in favour of business and financial competitiveness.

By means of this agreement, sealed by the CEO of Metro, Silvia Roldán, the President of the CEOE Foundation, Fátima Báñez, and the President of CEIM, Miguel Garrido, the institutions also seek to promote ethics and CSR in the business world, as well as innovation, training and research to improve the employability of workers, gender equality and the defence of the free market.

The "Plan Sumamos" of the CEOE Foundation is an initiative through which Spanish companies want to support the Autonomous Communities in minimising the adverse effects of COVID-19, collaborating through programmes and activities with a social purpose.

Thus, thanks to this agreement, the CEOE Foundation and CEIM will provide information regarding antigen testing in accordance with their experience acquired in the development of the "Plan Sumamos" to promote prevention among their workers.

In addition, information, promotion and awareness campaigns regarding the implementation and use of "Radar COVID", among others, will be disseminated through the different internal and external Metro communication channels.

This way, Metro will also obtain the "Garantía Madrid - Plan Sumamos" certification, a seal issued by the Community of Madrid in recognition of its commitment to the fight against the pandemic.

Another purpose of this agreement is to share CSR resources, participate in the volunteer programmes of either party and organise joint charity events or campaigns, with the aim of helping the most vulnerable.

Supporting vaccination campaigns is another purpose of this commitment, providing the resources of both parties to amplify and streamline an effective vaccination strategy, in addition to any other collaboration that may arise and may help financial recovery.