The Community of Madrid is going to invest 5.8 million Euro in the extinguishing systems of Metro

Metro station
The Governing Council authorises the full maintenance contract for the next four years. The aim is to provide the suburban facilities with maximum safety guarantees. It will increase service improvement in terms of incident response, repairs and availability of equipment. Metro has its own water mist fire-fighting system, which places it at the forefront of the industry

The Governing Council of the Community of Madrid has authorised Metro de Madrid this week to contract the comprehensive maintenance service for the water mist fire extinguishing systems in its network for the next four years.

This service will involve an investment of over 5.8 million Euro. The aim is to provide the underground facilities with maximum safety guarantees to improve the extinguishing processes in the event of fire.

All Metro stations are equipped with these water mist systems, a design developed by the Madrid underground itself and patented by the company, which has enabled it to be at the forefront regarding fire protection systems.

The purpose of these systems, together with the detection equipment installed, is the early detection of fires, as they have detection thresholds calibrated in indices that allow the detection of smoke in places that are not accessible and not perceptible by the human sense of smell.

The water is projected at very high pressure, so it atomises, forming a mist that cools the fire, making it easier to extinguish and preventing it from rekindling.

The water mist extinguishing systems installed are made up of different elements and equipment for which this integral maintenance contract is essential to guarantee the perfect operation of every

part and compliance with the regulations in force. The aim is to improve this service in terms of incident response times, repair times and its availability.

As these systems are located in the 302 stations of the Metro network, in some electrical substations, as well as in the Canillejas depot, it is very important to have a service that guarantees the logistics of transporting spare parts and staff as quickly as possible, in order to guarantee the safety of passengers, employees and the facilities in hazardous situations. The coverage contract includes 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.