Metro de Madrid and the trade unions sign the new workers' collective bargaining agreement

The agreement will be in force until the end of 2021. The document improves the productivity, equality and training of the company's employees. Company and workers' representatives make new commitments to improve the service to users

Today, Metro de Madrid and the trade unions have signed the collective bargaining agreement that will govern the working and organisational conditions of the company's workers until the end of 2021. The agreements reached today by both parties will result in an improvement in the service provided by Metro de Madrid to users.

To carry out this improvement, Metro and the unions have agreed on new work organisation measures that will lead to greater efficiency in production processes, both in the area of rolling stock and facilities maintenance and in the work carried out in stations and regarding train driving.

Thanks to these measures, improvements will also be made in the organisation of the work of the different professional areas of the company, enabling greater foresight and a more efficient use of resources, which will have an impact on improving the service that Metro de Madrid offers public transport users every day.

In addition, commitments have been made to promote the training of the company's employees, focusing on the specialisation and professionalisation of the different work groups, and to improve the systems for the professional promotion of employees.

Equality and work-life balance is another of the main objectives of the agreement, as there will be various measures aimed at promoting improvements in this area for workers. In addition, the agreement includes the promotion of working from home among employees who, due to their work within the company, can carry out their duties from home, thus fostering work-life balance among the company's staff.

The Community of Madrid welcomes the fact that the new collective bargaining agreement has been signed with all the unions that operate in the company (Sindicato de Maquinistas, CCOO, UGT, Solidaridad Obrera, Sindicato Libre and Sindicato de Técnicos), which indicates that all groups and workers will be represented in the implementation of this new labour agreement.