Regional Government of Madrid begins works to improve and renovate line 12 of the underground

The works will last from Monday, 21 June to 12 September
The improvement plan to be executed over the summer will also benefit another three underground lines: 6, 7 and 9. The works will last from Monday, 21 June to 12 September, and the service will be suspended between Hospital de Móstoles and Conservatorio stations. An alternative free bus service will be laid on for Metro users to facilitate mobility on this stretch.

The Regional Government of Madrid will commence, as from tomorrow, the latest improvement and renovation works on line 12 of the underground – Metrosur – which will mean the service is suspended until 12 September (inclusive) between Hospital de Móstoles and Conservatorio stations.

This is the first of four actions that the Regional Government of Madrid will execute over the summer on certain underground lines with the aim of improving the quality of the underground service.

The project on line 12 has an award budget of more than 12 million euros, and will be implemented at seven stations located on the southern stretch of the circular line, which will improve the condition of the remaining 12 kilometres of the renovation works of the 40 kilometres of the line.

This works, which are a continuation of other actions that had previously been carried out, will improve the safety, reliability and quality of the infrastructure. They will also enhance the efficiency of maintenance, the useful life of the track systems, reduce noise and vibrations and improve the drainage system. A more modern and up-to-date track fastening system will also be installed, which will allow for increasing train speeds and improving passenger comfort.

The works will last for two and a half months and include the repair of the concrete track supporting layer through cross-cutting injections and gaps, the repair of the drainage channels and the replacement of elastic pegs by sheets that fix directly in place.

During the time this stretch is closed, the Regional Transport Consortium will offer a free replacement bus service for underground users that will guarantee mobility along this stretch.

The improvement and renovation plan will be carried out over the summer season and will also affect lines 6, 7 and 9 of the underground.