Regional Government of Madrid brings forward the suspension of the service between Canal and Cuatro Caminos underground stations for eight days in July and August

Due to the remodelling and improvement works to be carried out on Line 2. The service will be cancelled on this stretch as from 10 pm on 15, 20, 27 and 30 July, and on 3, 5 and 7 August. The Madrid underground will keep users regularly informed of bringing these changes forward

The Regional Government of Madrid will bring forward the suspension of service between Canal and Cuatro Caminos underground stations on Line 2 on eight days in the months of July and August. These suspensions of service are due to the modernisation and improvement works being carried out at Cuatro Caminos station. Accordingly, the service will be suspended at these stations starting from 10 pm tomorrow, 15 July.

The adaptation works that need to be carried out on the platforms make these partial closures necessary, which will be repeated on  20, 27 and 30 July, and on 3, 5 and 7 August. Metro de Madrid will regularly inform underground users in advance of the closure of the installations, which will only take place for a few hours on the dates indicated to make the most of the night-time and cause as few disruptions as possible for passengers during the day.

The works consist of the construction of three metres of tunnelling to increase the dimensions of one of the spaces used by Metro workers on one of the platforms on Line 2. In this regard, taking the opportunity of the modernisation of the station in the main lobby and in the distribution passage ways of Lines 1 and 2, the extension work indicated above will be carried out.

The cladding, obsolete installations and technology located on the platforms and in the access ways will also be replaced by other more modern materials and equipment. This will facilitate the maintenance work and improve the functionality of Cuatro Caminos station.

The drainage and sanitation network at this station will also be extended with new waterproofing systems and new electricity conduits will be installed. New furniture will also be installed and the walls and floors will be adapted to meet the same criteria as the other new stations.

The renovation of the finishes and of the installations will include an increase in the number of intercoms and elements that improve the communication processes between users with some degree of disability and station staff. The public address system will also be updated and new digital signage systems will be installed, along with other improvements.

The works will include improving the control systems in the technical rooms, as well as on communications and tele-management processes. This is the case of the installations of the rainwater wells and the remodelling of the platform cabins, which will result in the improved operation of the underground service.


Cuatro Caminos is one of the eight stations on the first stretch of the underground inaugurated (Sol – Cuatro Caminos) on 17 October 1919, by King Alfonso XIII. For this reason, Metro de Madrid has decided to theme and convert this space into a tribute to the history of the underground and its workers.

This action provides for the installation of permanent wall prints to celebrate the centenary of Metro de Madrid, as well as areas with vinyl images that can rotate images of different subjects, among others.

In some specific areas of the station, continuous LED illumination points will be placed that can change tone so as to give the station a more modern feel. Other lighting models will also be installed in line with the theme of the station.

In addition, the historical Metro marker that indicated one of its entrances will also be recovered. This is a recreation of this type of element that operated as a structure to announce the station such that the entrances to the underground could be seen from a considerable distance. The Cuatro Caminos marker will be rectangular in shape in the original colours of red and white, crowned with the old Metro diamond.