Three new members join the Metro de Madrid Board of Directors

New members

Today’s meeting of the Metro de Madrid Board of Directors approved the appointment of three new members: the Deputy Councillor for Transport, Mobility and Infrastructures, Carlos Díaz-Pache Gosende; the Technical Secretary-General of the Department of Transport, Mobility and Infrastructures, María Teresa Barcons Marqués; and the Deputy Councillor for Economic Affairs, Manuel Llamas Fraga.

David Pérez, Councillor for Transport, Mobility and Infrastructures of the Regional Government of Madrid, has chaired this body since 21 March 2021. The CEO of Metro, Silvia Roldán, who has been leading the company since October 2019, will remain a member.

The following will also remain on the Board of Directors: Miguel Ángel García Martín, Deputy Councillor for the Presidency and Digital Transformation; José Ramón Menéndez Aquino, Deputy Councillor for the Treasury; Miguel Núñez Fernández, Director-General for Infrastructures; José Luis Fernández-Quejo del Pozo, Director-General for Transport and Mobility; and Luis Miguel Martínez Palencia, Managing Director of the Regional Transport Consortium of Madrid.