The closed stretch of Metrosur will re-open on 5 September – one week earlier than scheduled

The closed stretch of Metrosur will re-open on 5 September – one week earlier than scheduled
On Sunday, 5 September, the Regional Government of Madrid will re-open the stretch of Metrosur (L 12) closed for improvement and renovation works, between Hospital de Móstoles and Conservatorio stations. This re-opening comes a week earlier than Metro’s original forecast, which was initially scheduled for 12 September.

This is the first action under the Renovation and Improvement Plan on some lines of the underground over the summer, which seeks to improve the quality of the service on the Madrid underground. The good rate of the works means that the usual service can be restored ahead of schedule and thus reduce the inconvenience to users by an additional week, thus facilitating the start of the academic year.

The project on Line 12 of Metrosur was financed by a budget awarded in excess of 12 million euros, and involved works carried out on seven stations, located in the southern stretch of this circular line. This leads to improved conditions on the last 12 kilometres of the line – out of a total of 40 kilometres – which were still pending renovation, and is a continuation of other actions carried out previously to improve the safety, reliability and quality of the infrastructure.

The aim of the partial closure was also to increase the efficiency of maintenance, the useful life of the track systems, to optimize noise and vibration reductions and to improve drainage systems. In addition, an updated and more modern track fastening system has been introduced, thus improving train speeds and passenger comfort.

The works, which have lasted just over two months, have included repairs to the concrete track supporting layer through injections and cross-sectional gullies, improvements to the drainage channels and the replacement of elastic pegs with direct clamping fixtures.

During the closure of these stretches, the Regional Transport Consortium has made a replacement free bus service available to underground users to guarantee mobility over this route.

The Renovation and Improvement Plan, which involved the closure of stretches on Lines 6, 7 and 9 of the underground, has also been completed at other points, allowing the re-opening of the stretch of Line 6 between Pacifico and Sainz de Baranda stations, and of Line 9 between Colombia and Plaza de Castilla stations.

Two-week delay in re-opening of Line 9B

In addition, the stretch of Line 9B between Arganda del Rey and La Poveda stations will finally re-open on 22 September, rather than on 8 September, as was initially scheduled. This delay is due to causes outside of the control of Metro de Madrid.

This was due to the revocation by the Town Council of Arganda del Rey, once works had begun, of the authorisation that it had initially granted to work at night, which allowed a 24-hour a day work schedule to be established.

This suspension of the authorisation by the Town Council of Arganda del Rey forced the scheduled actions to be adjusted, with a corresponding two-week delay, as fewer working hours a day were permitted to complete these works.

In order to offset this inconvenience, the replacement bus service that has been operating since the close of the stretch on 9 July to cover the same section above ground affected by the works will also be extended until the works are completed.

The works being carried out in Arganda del Rey are a continuation of those that took place last year and primarily consist of reinforcing the infrastructure through the repair of embankments, the drainage in certain zones and the adaptation of other elements in order to maintain the land and the installations with all due safety guarantees. The works also include cleaning work on the track supporting layer, the repair of utility boxes, conduits for cables and the retaining walls for ballast and soil.