Metro de Madrid premieres its new Christmas Train

It will run on Line 6 of the Madrid underground until 6 January. This year, for the first time, several Christmas characters will travel on the train. There will also be music and the inside of the train will be decorated, while the outside will be lit up with more than 700 metres of LED lights

The Regional Government of Madrid has started up its Christmas train today, decorated with fitting images for this time of year. On this occasion, for the first time, several Christmas characters will also travel inside the train who will be waiting for passengers to wish them a Merry Christmas and entertain them with music that will be switched on through portable speakers, when the train’s doors open and close.

This year, unlike other years, the outside of the train will be lit up with more than 700 metres of lines of LED lights, placed on both the edges of doors and windows and on the roof of the train.

Accordingly, when passengers are on the platform they will be surprised by the arrival of an illuminated and striking Christmas train, that will also be decorated inside with Christmas features for the first time.

The train will run until 6 January on Line 6 (circular line) – the most frequented line on the underground network.

The aim of the Madrid underground is to convey the spirit of Christmas in its installations, as it has done on previous occasions.


Metro de Madrid has vinyl-clad some of its trains on the occasion of other celebrations or events. In fact, it recently clad a train on Line 6 with the images of some of the players and the flags of the six countries taking part in the final phase of the Davis Cup, held from 25 November to 5 December in Madrid. This initiative sought to encourage fans to travel to the Madrid Arena site on this mode of transport.