Metro employees and families join together to help Ukrainian families

Metro employees and families join together to help Ukrainian families
Campaign promoted by the group “Metreros solidarios” [Metro workers united]. They are in touch with the Embassy and with the UNHCR to see the concrete needs and channel aid. At the start of the pandemic, they managed to raise close to 100,000 euros for food and health material. Metro collaborates with the campaign proposed by its employees by facilitating collection points and transportation

Employees of Metro de Madrid, their families and close relatives have once again joined up in a supportive action under the slogan, “12 lines, one cause” which seeks to send urgent aid to families that are suffering the consequences of the crisis in Ukraine.

The campaign, organised by the self-denominated group of employees “Metreros solidarios”, is aimed at workers donating non-perishable food, basic medication, warm clothing, hygiene and personal care products, and batteries and torches, among other resources. Metro de Madrid has made more than ten points available distributed by work centre, where the material donated can be collected, classified and packaged. This will then be handed over to different NGOs currently operating in Ukraine that will transport the goods to different points on the border. The Metro employees are also in touch with the Ukrainian Embassy and with the UNHCR to see the specific needs and channel the aid.

As they did back in March 2020, “Metreros solidarios” has organised itself through WhatsApp and Telegram groups, offering timely information on the campaign. These groups managed to unite more than 1,200 people during the pandemic, whose donations and those of their close relatives amounted to some 100,000 euros.

The company has offered to collaborate with its employees with its own resources, as and when necessary, such as by providing locations for collection and transportation within the Region of Madrid to the points indicated for their subsequent transfer by the entities working on the ground.


Metro employees have always demonstrated great solidarity. In addition to the previous campaign organised by the group Metreros Solidarios, when they managed to mobilise more than 1,200 employees, the company’s workers have actively participated since 2018 in the voluntary corporate programme “Juntos sumamos” [We contribute together] to carry out 34 voluntary actions involving the dedication of more than 1,800 hours of their time on a voluntary basis.

For its part, the company has a social action programme, called ‘social line’, through which it allocates resources to different entities to enhance the visibility of social and supportive causes, as in the case of the campaign “12 lines, one cause” by Metreros Solidarios. During 2021, 59 actions were carried out in collaboration with 42 social entities.