Metro de Madrid, internationally recognised for its new station access systems

New turnstiles at Gran Vía station
Metro has won Highly Commended, equivalent to a second prize, at the Transport Ticketing Awards 2022 in London. The award recognises the Metro turnstiles installed at Gran Vía station as one of the most innovative in the world

Metro de Madrid, together with the company Indra, has won an award at the international Transport Ticketing Awards 2022 for the constructive design of its new station access control systems, also known as turnstiles. Metro de Madrid's candidacy obtained the Highly Commended mention, equivalent to a second prize, at the awards presented in London on 29 June, coinciding with the world's largest trade fair for vending and tolling technology.

The new equipment has been awarded in the "Ticketing Technology of the year" category, which recognises technological solutions that have developed entirely new products aimed at revolutionising the ticketing industry. Such is the case of Metro de Madrid which, in collaboration with Indra and within the scope of a public tender, has manufactured its new equipment within the technological paradigms of the well-known Station 4.0, patented intellectually by Metro de Madrid. Their ease of use, ergonomic design and accessibility can already be seen at Gran Vía station which, after being completely remodelled, was the first station where these new turnstiles have been installed and verified.

Among the main advantages of these innovative access control systems is that they offer more space for the customer to pass through, information screens with ergonomic interfaces, LED panels, loudspeakers and an easy, understandable and visible validation feedback system. This consists of a colour code that illuminates both the validation area and various elements of the equipment, so that customers know at all times the status of the equipment and the correct validation for access or if there is a problem.

They also offer information in English to facilitate access for tourists, have loudspeakers and the possibility of contactless validation.


Its development has been the result of the research and work of Metro de Madrid professionals, following an exhaustive analysis of users' needs, which has led to a definitive design, patented at European level and co-financed with European funds (ERDF).

This new technology is one of the practical examples of the digital transformation programme that Metro de Madrid is embarking on under the Station 4.0 scheme, which seeks to improve service efficiency and effectiveness, to continue offering the highest quality to customers, and to guarantee the technical and economic sustainability of Public Transport. All elements of Station 4.0 are based on the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and predictive maintenance to enhance the customer travel experience and offer new functionalities to improve the quality of service offered.