The Community of Madrid will carry out improvement works at four stations on Metro Line 6 this summer.

70 million euros are to be invested in the work, which is part of the asbestos removal and accessibility plans for the underground network. From 30 July until the beginning of September service will be suspended between Sainz de Baranda and Nuevos Ministerios. There will be a free replacement bus service to facilitate mobility for users affected. The public company continues with its plan to eliminate asbestos and to modernise its facilities.

From Saturday 30 July until the beginning of September, the Community of Madrid will carry out works to remove asbestos and improve accessibility to four stations on Metro line 6. Specifically, work will be carried out at O'Donnell, Manuel Becerra, Diego de León and Avenida de América, making it necessary to suspend the service between the Sainz de Baranda and Nuevos Ministerios stations. The latter two stations will be open in order to provide service in the opposite direction, and it will be possible to change trains at these stops to connect to other lines.

In order to facilitate passenger mobility, a free replacement bus service will be set up, the detailed route of which will soon be available at stations and on the Metro de Madrid and Madrid Regional Transport Consortium websites and social networks.

During the period of closure, the platform vaults at Avenida de América, Diego de León, Manuel Becerra and O'Donnell will be stripped of asbestos - approximately 2,500 square metres per station - and the different technical spaces will be removed. It will also be used as an opportunity for making progress on other complementary initiatives.

In the case of Avenida de América and Diego de León, the works coincide with those planned as part of Metro de Madrid's Accessibility and Inclusion Plan. The refurbishments will involve new connecting corridors, the extension of lobbies, an emergency exit on line 6, and the modernisation and improvement of the stations.

The cladding, facilities and technology of the platforms and their access points will be replaced with more modern materials and equipment to facilitate maintenance work and improve functionality. The drainage and sewage network will also be extended, with new waterproofing systems. These spaces will be equipped with modern furniture, and 10 lifts will be installed on the first floor, and 13 on the second. A total of 70 million euros will be invested in the works on the two stations.

The Regional Executive will temporarily close the entrance to the Avenida de América station from C/ Pedro de Valdivia, as it will be used to bring in the necessary materials and as an access point for the workers.


It is a priority for the Community of Madrid to eliminate all asbestos from the Metro network, which is why it has increased the resources earmarked for this purpose. Initially, a provision of €140 million was made, and investment is now estimated at €170 million up to 2028. Of this amount, more than €62 million has already been committed. In addition, more than a hundred contracts have been put out to tender since 2018, when work on this plan began on trains and in facilities.

The percentage of removal of elements identified as containing asbestos is 35.4% in rolling stock, 31.6% in facilities and 27% in infrastructures, making an overall percentage of 31.3%, which represents 46.8% of the scheduled implementation of the plan.