The Community of Madrid celebrates the first anniversary of the Metro podcast with 11,000 subscribers

The Community of Madrid celebrates the first anniversary of the Metro podcast with 11,000 subscribers
The Community of Madrid has celebrated the first anniversary of the Metro podcast, which was created in July 2021, with more than 11,000 subscribers on different platforms, such as Spotify, YouTube and Ivoox, and which is also disseminated through the underground's social networks. It is a sound content that allows users to learn about different aspects of the history and service, as well as some curiosities and anecdotes of the more than one hundred years of life of the public company.

Of the nine audios that have been broadcast so far, the most listened to has been the one on the modernisation and extension of the Gran Vía station, in which details are given of the work carried out, its connection with Renfe Cercanías, the museum it houses inside and the reconstruction of the exterior pavilion by the architect Antonio Palacios, among other aspects.

The second most listened to is the one related to the maintenance and cleaning work that is carried out on the underground during the night, so that everything works perfectly first thing in the morning. Third place goes to the one that focuses on life around one of the network's most emblematic stations: Sol.

There are other very interesting episodes such as the one dedicated to the unknown works that are carried out inside its facilities and which are invisible to users; a journey through the most artistic metro in which you can see almost 150 works including sculptures, paintings and drawings by well-known artists such as Okuda and Rosh or Paco Roca; or the extensions that have been carried out since its birth in 1919 to reach the current 300 kilometres of network.

In addition, each episode involves the public company's staff specialised in each of the aspects mentioned, from train drivers, line coordinators or commercial supervisors, to those at the Control Station.

It also featured special appearances by singers Raphael, Rafa Sánchez of La Unión, and Álvaro Urquijo, lead singer of Los Secretos, who were part of the episode dedicated to the relationship between the underground and music. All available episodes can be listened to via this link.

Metro de Madrid has more than 600,000 followers on Twitter, 94,000 on Facebook and 65,000 on Instagram who consult its publications on a daily basis, in which it offers service information and information of interest about the network, and answers users' own queries and requests for information. It is also present on LinkedIn, Youtube and Spotify.