The Community of Madrid obtains an overall rating of 7.86 from Metro users, the highest in its history

According to the Service Quality Perception Survey carried out in the last four months of the year. The percentage of satisfied passengers has also increased, with 65% of passengers rating the service with a score of more than 8. Non-resident foreigners are the group that gives the suburban network the highest score, with a score of 8.28. The beneficiaries consider that the railway company should not undertake any urgent investment for improvements. The speed of the trip and waiting times on the platform were among the most highly rated aspects. MetroNorte (with 8.58) and L8 (with 8.31) are the most highly rated lines

The Community of Madrid has obtained a 7.86 overall rating from Metro passengers in terms of the quality of the service provided by the underground, the best score recorded by the railway company in its entire history. This was stated by the Regional Minister of Transport, Mobility and Infrastructure, David Pérez, after commenting on the results obtained in the Service Quality Perception Survey carried out in the fourth quarter of 2022 based on the questions asked to 13,749 passengers.

The overall score is an improvement on the same trend of the last survey conducted in 2021, when the company scored 7.71. In addition, the Net Satisfaction Index increased due to an increase in the percentage of satisfied customers, with almost 65% rating the service quality above 8 points. The survey, which has been carried out every year since 1991, aims to find out what users think of the service provided by the underground, both overall and by line. The only exception was the year 2020, when the survey could not be conducted due to the health crisis caused by COVID-19.

According to the study, the beneficiaries who best rate Metro are foreigners not resident in the Community of Madrid, with a score of 8.28 out of 10. In terms of age, it is those over 59 who have the best perception, giving it a rating of 8.01 points.

In terms of frequency of travel, it is precisely those who use the underground the most who have the best opinion. Specifically, those with more than 20 weekly trips give it a score of 8.15. And in terms of the reason for the trip, the best review is obtained by those who use it for work purposes, with a score of 7.91 points.

The survey also asks about the level of recommendation, to which the passengers would give a score of 8.05 points. The speed of the train journey is the aspect for which Metro is most recommended, as it is mentioned by more than 60% of users surveyed. Waiting times on the platform were also rated, reaching an all-time high of 7.47 and +0.48 compared to the previous study. Moreover, an analysis of the responses shows that passengers consider that Metro does not need to make any improvements "as a matter of urgency".


In terms of each line, the best score was obtained by MetroNorte with 8.58 points, followed by L8 with 8.31 points, Metro Ligero 1 with 8.26, L3 with 8.24, and L10 with 8.20 points. On the opposite side are L9b (7.09) and L5 (7.22).

The study also analyses opinions on 25 specific aspects that make up the service provided by Metro de Madrid. These aspects include accessibility, security, speed and customer service, which also makes it possible to calculate the overall perceived quality index. This index reached 7.79 points in this survey, also its highest value ever.

Pérez pointed out that practically all aspects improved, such as station lighting, with 8.22 points, and employee service, with 8.21 points. On the other hand, the aspect that received the lowest score, with 6.96 points, was the quiet running of the trains. Scores have also improved compared to previous studies on aspects that are very important for users, such as the friendliness of the security guards (8.07) or the operation of the escalators (7.93), which places these aspects in their best historical score.