The Community of Madrid to hire 60 new Metro drivers and heads of sector this year

The process will be done through a Public Employment Offer published in the regional Official Gazette today. There will be a total of 30 train drivers, who will join the current 1925, and others 30 heads of sector who will join the current 1,618. These hires are in addition to last year's 235 maintenance officers, bringing the total number of regular professionals to 1,223

This year, the Community of Madrid will hire 60 new employees for Metro, 30 of whom will be electric traction train drivers and another 30 heads of sector. In addition, 235 maintenance officers joined the railway company last year.

According to the Regional Minister of Transport, Mobility and Infrastructure, David Pérez, the public call for tenders, which has been published today through a Public Employment Offer in the regional Official Gazette, will consist of several phases. First of all, the Regional Employment Service of the Community of Madrid will present the candidates according to the requirements for each case. Once preselected, they will be invited to take an objective aptitude test. Those with the best marks will be appointed to start a training course, provided they pass the company's medical examination.

All contracts, which are to be funded with the 2022 replenishment rate, will be permanent and full-time. Metro will also reserve 7% of the positions advertised for people with disabilities.

It is foreseen that two pools of back-up candidates will be formed (one for each group) composed of the 1,000 people with the best scores in the objective aptitude test.

To be eligible for the selection process held by Metro de Madrid, applicants must be registered as job seekers or seeking to improve their employment at any of the Community of Madrid's employment offices, in the corresponding occupational codes. In the first case, these codes are metro train driver, train driver and/or tram driver, and for the second, information clerk at airports, stations and the like, customer service employee, and/or road and/or rail station manager.

In addition, candidates for electric traction machinists must hold a Baccalaureate degree or an Auxiliary Technician, Technician or Higher Technician Vocational Training in the specialities to be determined in the branch of electricity and electronics. On the other hand, those who opt for the position of head of sector must have a certificate of Baccalaureate or equivalent education for employment and professional purposes, in accordance with the provisions of Order 1603/2009 of 10 June 2009 of the Ministry of Education.

These additions will be added to Metro de Madrid's workforce, which currently has 1,925 drivers and 1,618 heads of sector.


The recruitment of 235 maintenance officers in 2022, in order to reinforce the teams in the different areas and thus guarantee the quality of the service, will be reinforced this year by 67 additional officers. The positions are intended to fill vacancies in the different specialisations: building and civil engineering, transport, facilities and maintenance, and electricity, electronics and communications.

The recruitments, all of which are permanent, were formalised between November and December, after completing a training process that consisted of two phases: a general part and a more specific part, adapted to the maintenance section of the destination.

The first of these, common to all candidates, was carried out in groups of around 30 people over 10 days, with a range of general knowledge sessions on the operation, facilities and organisation of Metro de Madrid. Once this part is passed, in a second round, each candidate went on to receive the specific theoretical and practical knowledge of the position they were being recruited for.

The call to fill these positions started last year, through the Public Employment Offer published on 25 November 2021. Following the pre-selection of candidates by the Public Employment Service, over 1,000 people participated in the objective aptitude tests that took place last May.

Thanks to these new hires, Metro de Madrid closed 2022 with a workforce of 1,223 workers belonging to regular staff.

David Perez, consejero de Transportes e Infraestructura