The Community of Madrid celebrates 10 years of CronoTeatro with performances on Metro platforms and stations

The event will run until 21 April and underground users will become spectators of mini-pieces. The performances will take place on Line 6 trains and Nuevos Ministerios and Moncloa stops. This year's edition features ten works and is presented under the title A Prodigious Decade.

The Community of Madrid celebrates 10 years of CronoTeatro with new performances on platforms and in Metro de Madrid stations. For yet another year, the Madrid underground is hosting this event to help passengers enjoy their trips. Between 17 and 21 April, users will be surprised to become spectators of mini theatre plays, which will take place inside Line 6 trains, between Moncloa and Nuevos Ministerios stations, and at their stops.

CronoTeatro is a performance of short performing arts works created and coordinated by stage director César Barló. Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) within the framework of its Arts Week programme, the Instituto del Teatro de Madrid and Metro, which provides the performance space, collaborate with the event.

As 2023 marks its tenth anniversary, this edition is entitled A Prodigious Decade. In this time, it has become a key event that has developed different genres, even incorporating dance and music into the fragments.

Although the theme of the plays is free, the committee formed by theatre and university professionals have selected for the train modality: El mundo que escucho, by Doménica Bravo; En busca del metro perdido, by Jorge Moreno; Ukuku, migrante andino en Madrid, by Shirley Paucara-Shaya Teatro; Me redime el eclipse, by Jorge Zanzio; No eres un mueble, by Martín Miguel Gómez, and La era Mr. Wonderful, by Carmen Calleja. And for the platform: I'm late, by Carlos Be; Las de los ochenta, by Velén Granados; En busca del metro perdido, by Jorge Moreno, and Día de perros, by Doménica Bravo.

Inside the Metro trains, six two-minute proposals will be developed, adapted to a normal trip between two stations. In the stops, four other pieces will be performed with a duration of six minutes.