The Community of Madrid invests 3 million euros in cleaning 300 kilometres of Metro tracks

The Community of Madrid invests 3 million euros in cleaning 300 kilometres of Metro tracks
The duration of the new contract will be four years and the works will respect the environment and waste management. Sanitisation work will be carried out in tunnels and depots, as well as on rooves and lighting throughout the network. The latest survey on the perception of the quality of the suburban service reflects the highest ever rating by users for the state of the facilities.

The Community of Madrid has approved an investment of 3 million euros for the cleaning service for the more than 300 kilometres of Metro tracks and other areas such as tunnels, access to depots, depots and train parking areas at the end of the line.

The new contract has a duration of four years and also includes the refurbishment and sanitisation of the platform vaults and lighting in stations throughout the underground network. All these tasks will be carried out at the same time so as not to affect service opening hours.

In order for the specialised staff to be able to carry out this work, train traffic must be interrupted. For this reason, the planned measures will take place on a scheduled basis during the night, between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m.

All these measures will be respectful of the environment and waste management, using the necessary machinery and materials depending on the type of works and the location of the areas to be treated.

The aim is to continue to guarantee optimum levels of cleanliness and to offer maximum quality to the more than two million users of the Metro network, who, as reflected in the data from the latest Metro service quality perception survey in the second quarter of this year, rated the state of their facilities with a score of 8.18, surpassing the 7.86 of 2022, a record number up to that time.