The Community of Madrid approves 7.2 million for the consolidation and stabilisation of land affected by Metro Line 7B

The Governing Council approves the action to be taken on the former El Pilar housing complex in San Fernando de Henares. The estimated duration of these works is 9 months on a plot of more than 5,000 square metres. These works also include inspecting and cleaning the collectors and auscultating the surface and tunnel of the subway

At its meeting today, the Governing Council of the Community of Madrid approved the investment of €7.2 million to continue with the consolidation and stabilisation on a plot of 5,000 square metres affected by the works on Line 7B of the Metro. The land is located in the former El Pilar housing complex in the town of San Fernando de Henares.

The objective of these works, which will last 9 months, according to the Regional Ministry of Housing, Transport, Mobility and Infrastructures, is to undertake its refurbishment for public use. The actions to be undertaken also include the inspection and cleaning of the collectors, as well as the auscultation of the underground tunnel and its surface, in the area around the streets of La Presa, Virgen del Templo, Fuente del Trébol, Nazario Calonge, Rafael Alberti, as well as in the El Pilar housing complex, by means of an automatic reading system that will enable any possible incident in this area to be known in real time.

Since the beginning of this government term, the regional government has held several meetings with the mayor of San Fernando de Henares and with the two residents' associations affected by Metro Line 7B and, in different Governing Boards held this month, has approved an investment of almost €2 million to extend, for six months, the payment of the expenses derived from the relocation of 42 affected families, whose homes are located in the streets Rafael Alberti 7; Pablo Olavide, 1,3,5,7,9 and 11 and Ventura Argumosa 20 A, B, C, D, E, F and G.