The Community of Madrid will prevent electric scooters from accessing public transport to ensure the safety of users

The agreement was reached today on a temporary basis by the CRTM Board of Directors and will come into force on 4 November. The restriction affects EMT buses and intercity and urban buses in other municipalities, Metro facilities and vehicles and the five interchanges. It is also aimed at the protection of company staff and non-compliance leads to the immediate expulsion of offenders. The operators involved will be responsible for the dissemination of this information through their digital and print channels

The Community of Madrid has agreed to provisionally prevent users with electric scooters from accessing the region's public transport network in order to ensure the safety of passengers. The decision was reached today at the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Regional Transport Consortium (CRTM), following the incident on 17 October when the battery of one of these devices exploded inside a train at La Elipa station on Metro Line 2, causing no injury to people.

This restriction, of a temporary nature until the safety conditions of this type of element on public transport have been fully verified, will come into force on 4 November and will be applied to buses of the Municipal Transport Company of Madrid (Empresa Municipal de Transportes, EMT) and intercity and urban buses in other municipalities, as well as to the installations and vehicles of Metro de Madrid and the five interchanges of Plaza de Castilla, Moncloa, Príncipe Pío, Plaza Elíptica and Avenida de América.

To ensure compliance with this resolution, in which the protection of the staff members of the different companies has also prevailed, the CRTM is going to ask the operators involved to disseminate this change in their digital and printed information channels, such as social media, websites, posters, information panels and plastic strips. Failure to comply with this limitation will result in the immediate expulsion of the offenders.

The CRTM Board of Directors is made up of representatives of the Community of Madrid, Madrid City Council and the rest of the region's municipalities, as well as representatives of the General State Administration, trade union organisations and business associations in the industry and consumer and user associations.