The Community of Madrid approves Metro's contract to continue buying all energy from renewable sources

The Governing Council today approved the investment of €395 million for the electricity grid from January until 2028. The savings measures underway in the underground network are expected to reduce annual energy consumption by more than one million kilowatt hours. Moreover, its application with the plan in force since 2012 has managed to reduce it by 25% compared to that year.

Today the Governing Council of the Community of Madrid has approved a contract for Metro de Madrid, which will allocate €394.9 million to the supply of electricity to its facilities for the next five years. This measure, which will come into force next January, contemplates that all energy, both high and low voltage, will be electric and from renewable sources as in the past.

High-voltage electricity, which is used to transport electricity over long distances, is the most consumed part of the network, accounting for 97.5% of the total, and in addition to supplying all the station facilities, it is also transformed for use on the trains. In the case of low-voltage power, which is generated for own consumption, the utility uses it for secondary power supplies and some offices.

Adding the two types together, through energy efficiency measures, a reduction in annual consumption of around 1.1 million kilowatt hours is expected in the coming years.

Electricity is key to guarantee the daily operation of Metro de Madrid. For this reason, the regional government has made the use of renewable sources and efficiency a key part of its management. In this regard, in 2012 the Energy Saving Plan was implemented, which has resulted in the Madrid underground achieving a 25% reduction in annual consumption compared to 13 years ago.

Moreover, the public company obtained in 2022 the Certification of its Energy Management System in recognition of the implementation of a system of ongoing improvement in terms of savings and efficiency.