Metro de Madrid's museums consolidate their position as cultural spaces of reference with a 13% increase in visitors

In 2023, a total of 100,000 people incorporated these locations in the suburban network into their leisure activities. The old Chamberí station, the exhibition of classic trains in Chamartín and the Caños del Peral in Ópera are among the favourites of locals and tourists alike. Attendees gave the experience an overall satisfaction rating of 9.83 out of 10.

In 2023, the Community of Madrid consolidated the Metro museums as cultural spaces of reference, after receiving 13% more visitors than the previous year, a total of 100,000 people who incorporated these emblematic places on the underground network into their leisure activities.

The public metro company has five museum points, with the old Chamberí station being the most popular with 44,037 users. It is one of the eight that belonged to the first section opened in 1919, which is preserved exactly as it was just before its closure in 1966. One of its great attractions are the original platform advertising posters from the 1920s.

This is followed by the exhibition of classic Chamartín convoys with 36,276 visits, where restored old trains from the beginnings of this public company are on display. And in third place is the museum recreation of the historic Caños del Peral fountain in Ópera with 12,684.

In addition to these, Metro de Madrid also has the Nave de Motores, built between 1922 and 1923 in order to solve possible power supply shortages and provide a better service to a network that was then in full expansion; and the historic lobby of Pacífico, which still looks as it did in 1923. To access all of them, all you have to do is book a place, free of charge, on the website

The attendees have also expressed a high degree of satisfaction with this experience through the quality survey carried out by the company.

In fact, 93% said they liked the tour and would recommend it to others, giving an overall score of 9.83 out of 10. They all individually exceed a score of 9.68.


Another of the attractions of these spaces is that you can get a reward if you complete the whole route. All this, thanks to the Museum Passport with which to visit, in addition to these places, three other sites such as the Gran Vía exhibition, the Tirso de Molina hall and the Carpetana Palaeontological Centre. Once completed and stamped, holders of the document can go to the Metro shops - in Sol and Plaza de Castilla - to get a special gift.

The details of this action can be found at the link This has helped increase the interest of locals and tourists and to relaunch visits to these priceless sites. Since the initiative was launched in February 2022, 1,593 users have already received their prize after completing all the stamps along the route.