Access of domestic animals to the underground network


With regard to the admission of domestic animals, as a general rule, no animals are allowed on the Underground, except in the following cases:

1. Access with small pets in containers
Access will be permitted with small pets provided that they are carried in suitable containers and are not dangerous or troublesome to other passengers because of their shape, bulk, noise or smell.

Metro de Madrid personnel will, according to their prudent criterion, decide on the danger or nuisance of each animal or transport container, as has been the case with luggage, objects or packages.

2. Access with dogs for personal assistance
2.1. Guide dogs
Access will be permitted to guide dogs accompanying with visual deficiency.

2.2. Training guide dogs
Access will be permitted to guide dogs which are undergoing training, accompanied by their trainers. To enter Metro installations, the future guide dog must wear the vest identifying its situation, and the person responsible for the animal must have a standard pass accrediting them as educator or instructor and trainer of the ONCE Foundation.

2.3. Dogs trained for special personal assistance
Access will be permitted to dogs especially trained as assistants, accompanying people with some type of disability for which they may require aid for their independence or to warn them of situations of risk. These dogs must be on a lead at all times and the person responsible must carry the documentation evidencing the need to be accompanied by a dog for assistance, together with the associated special training certificate, e.g. for dogs trained to detect hypoglycaemia early in diabetics.

Similarly, the dog must wear a vest or a visible marking indicating its situation as special aid.

3. Access with dogs
a) Dogs should be properly identified with a chip as is required by the current regulations governing the identification of domestic pets.

b) Only one dog per passenger will be allowed.

c) The access of dogs may be restricted due to crowding or the safety both of users or of the animals themselves.

d) Metro journeys should be made in the rear car of each train and dogs may not occupy seats under any circumstances. On the Metro Ligero 1 [Light Rail Tram 1], passengers travelling with a dog shall travel in the middle cars.

e) They should be provided with a muzzle, and its accompanier will have to keep them secured on a lead, whether extendable or not, of a length not exceeding 50 centimetres.

f) The passenger shall accept responsibility for the integrity of the animal and ensure that it does not cause injuries or inconvenience to persons or damage to the installations.

g) The lifts may be used providing that their doors are not obstructed, the level of occupancy so permits, and no nuisance is caused to other users.
Escalators and rolling walkways may not be used under any circumstance.

h) Dog access times shall be from Monday to Friday throughout normal service hours, except from 7.30 to 9.30 a.m. and from 2-4 p.m. and from 6-8 p.m. During the months of July and August, every weekend all year round and on public holidays, access will be permitted without restriction in service hours at any time.

Access Times

NO TIME RESTRICTION Every July and August day All Network
NO TIME RESTRICTION Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays All Network
ALL DAY EXCEPT: 7:30 TO 9:30
- 14:00 A 16:00 - 18:00 TO 20:00
From Monday to Friday All Network