Access to the metro network with metallic balloons is not permitted


"globos metálicos"

As of 28 October 2016 Metro Madrid has prohibited access to its premises by users carrying metallic balloons in view of the risk of these items causing electrical problems that might affect the running of the trains. 

Metro Madrid reminds users that their right to carry items of hand luggage and packages with them is limited for the purpose of preventing risks and inconvenience, as laid down in Chapter I of the Passenger Regulations, and specifically in Article 2, where the rights of users of the Madrid Metropolitan Railway are set out, including: 

b) To be carried with a valid transport ticket together with objects and items of hand luggage, providing that these do not represent an inconvenience or risk for other users, subject to the limitations laid down in Article 30, with bicycles in the terms laid down in Article 2 bis, and accompanied by domestic pets in the terms laid down in Article 2 ter, all this in the conditions specified by the current Transport Service Timetables.