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The application is easy to use and ready to start immediately, enabling you to discover: the updated map of the entire Metro network, the tourist map, all of the information on the lines with their connections to other lines and services available at the station, in addition to Metro traffic reports in real time, all of the information on the services of the station you select. Also, with the option of GPS tracking, the application provides information on the closest station to your location, making it possible to choose a destination station or the station closest to the destination selected, recommending the best route to take with fewer stations or fewer changes to other lines.

The application also indicates the approximate duration of your journey and enables you to plan your travel by directly introducing a station as your starting point and a station of destination. In this way you can choose the option with the fewest stations or changes to other lines and find out how long it takes to make the journey.

You can also consult transit pass options, rates and schedules, as well as contact information.

Through this site we are providing the links for downloading the official Metro applications for Android and IPhone. These are also available for Ipad and tablets. The APPS can be downloaded through QR codes and, starting from now, in several languages. These applications provide a new way to travel.

Application for Android

Application Android Icon Download here

Direct download APK

Application for IPhone

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Download here

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