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Foto Historia Estacion
Concourse and entrance turnstile
Foto Historia Estacion
Present Pacífico Substation Metro Museum Engine Shed
Foto Historia Estacion
Station corridor and advertising
Foto Historia Estacion
Quevedo Substation

Ópera Station, located in the heart of Madrid, was opened to the public on 27 December 1925, for the Line 2 and the Spur Line, with the name of Isabel II. The station did not get its final name until 1955. On 5 June 1968 the Line 5 platforms were opened to the public. After its latest remodelling, the new Ópera Station provides pedestrian continuity to Calle Arenal, with links to Plaza de Oriente and Calle Arieta.

Ópera has a museum with a floor space of 234 square metres where we may observe such 16th and 17th century remains as the Caños del Peral Fountain, which delivered water to the Royal Palace via the “Amaniel Aqueduct”, as well as other water supply works discovered during the remodelling works, such as the “Arenal Sewer”. Users may see the remains on display at the station and visit a room equipped with an audiovisuals area so as to learn the history of the archaeological remains found.

The station is provided with the latest technological and architectural advances to make it a comfortable and safe place for residents and tourists. Over 55,000 passengers a day use the new station concourse, which has gone from occupying an area of 114 square metres to its present 821 metres.

In addition, it is equipped with three lifts and eight escalators that provide access for physically handicapped people to the concourse and platforms of Metro Lines 2 and 5 and the Spur Line, which intersect there.

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