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This section highlights the stations in the metro whose characteristics, features or importance make them worth visiting, which is why we think you should get to know them.

Station image of Gregorio Marañón Gregorio Marañón

It connects two major districts; Chamartín and Chamberí, and thousands of commuters pass through it every day.

Station Image de hortaleza Hortaleza

A tribute, via an immense mural, to those that make it possible for the Metro to reach out further and further.

Station Image 12 de Octubre Hospital 12 de Octubre

A station for the 12 de Octubre hospital and those living in the neighbourhood.

Station image of Marqués de la Valdivia Marqués de la Valdivia

The most representative of the stations on the new Metronorte line.

Station image of Moncloa Moncloa

A meeting place for young people and a connection to the Madrid´s northeastern zone.

Station image of Ministerios Nuevos Ministerios

From the Castellana to the Barajas T4 terminal

Station image of Ópera Ópera

Meeting point with the 16th and 17th centuries in the heart of Madrid

Station image of  Pinar de Chamartín Pinar de Chamartín

Three lines at one station on Arturo Soria.

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