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The Public Transport Card is a contactless technology support replacing magnetic tickets and used to charge tickets issued by the Madrid Regional Transport Consortium for the entire public transport system in the Community of Madrid.

This is a personal, non-transferable card that expires 7 years following its date of issue (4 years for cards charged with annual passes). The holder’s name and photograph are printed on the card, along with a card identification number.

The Public Transport Card is guaranteed for two years, during which time the user is entitled to replace a defective card free of charge, provided that the defects are not due to misuse.


Notable among the advantages of the new Public Transport Card is the fact that, thanks to the technology incorporated, Transport Passes supported by the card are now for a period of validity of 30 calendar days, rather than monthly, enabling users to plan their purchase according to their needs, with significant financial savings.

On the other hand, it offers major security benefits, integrating all data into a centralised server so that if a user reports its disappearance, from loss or theft, the card is cancelled and a new one issued, preventing possible fraudulent use and allowing the holder to recover the content of the lost card.

The card also allows access to the different transport categories simply by placing it near the reader, without having to make contact, representing a significant advance in speed and ease of use.

Likewise, a change of user profile or pass charge zone does not mean a new card has to be prepared. And all inter-zone Pass options are available for all user profiles, including those with discount tickets.

Cards can also be personalised with additional images selected by users or by companies or institutions acquiring them for their staff.

Obtaining a Public Transport Card

A Public Transport Card can be obtained on the Internet, in tobacconists or by post. All the information on conditions, forms and the necessary documents, and the deadlines for obtaining them can be consulted at www.crtm.es and www.tarjetatransportepublico.es

There are also oficinas de gestión de la tarjeta transporte público (Offices For Public Transport Card management) where they may complete the formalities for acquiring the public transport card (TTP) and obtain general information in connection with it.

To use these offices to complete formalities, an appointment must be requested at www.tarjetatransportepublico.es


To use the card, a valid ticket for the planned trip must be charged. Validation is mandatory, at the readers indicated at the various operators’ access facilities.

At present, the charging network comprises automatic machines installed in Metro de Madrid stations, Bankia ATMs indicated for the purposes, tobacconists and other authorised sales outlets. All Transport Passes can be recharged, for any zone and in any category, except for Annual Passes, charged at the moment when the Card is acquired.

Further information on use, charging, validity, consultation of balance, etc. at www.crtm.es
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