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The Multi card is a multi-personal, reloadable, public, non-personal, contactless public transport card, with a validity of ten years, which is used to contain non-personal transport passes of the Community of Madrid public transport service fare system.

As from 1 November, public transport system tickets (barring exceptions) may be loaded on two types of contactless cards: Public Transport and Multi Cards.

The Multi Card may hold up to three non-personal tickets.

General aspects

The new Multi card is the new support with contactless technology to house non-personal tickets of the Community of Madrid public transport fare system.

Nature and expiry

It is the case of a multipersonal reloadable card and it has a duration of ten years.


The Multi card has a two-year guarantee period during which the user will be entitled to cost-free replacement of defective cards, providing that the faults are not due to improper use.

How it works

At the present time, the card may be loaded with two different types of tickets: 
♦ Metro and Light Metro (Metro Ligero) network single tickets. It is possible to load up to 10 units (for instance, if several people travel together), although in any case these tickets have a validity limited to the finalization of the service on the day of purchase. 
♦ Ten-journey tickets (metrobus and bonobus). The card may carry up to two loads. In addition, the second loading may be done without it being necessary to have used any first load journey.

♦ One metrobus + one bonobus A-B1 
♦ One bonobus B1 + one MetroSur 10-journey ticket 
♦ One bonobus A-B3 + one Metro Madrid single ticket

Large families and disabled people

These users should have a personal card and they will have the option of loading a season ticket and any other single or ten-journey ticket, but not both at the same time, but with the same co-existence of different tickets as described

above.Changes as of 1 November

From 1 November the cards may hold up to three non-personal tickets.

This permits the following: 

   ♦ Use of the same card by different persons for different journeys.
   ♦ Payment of the fare for accompanying persons making the same journey. 
   ♦ Loading transport tickets for journeys differing from the usual one.


   ♦ MetroSur single ticket + Metrobús + 10 MetroNorte journeys 
   ♦ A-B3 Bonobus + Metrobús 
   ♦ B2 Bonobus + 10 MetroSur journeys 
   ♦ NB: once loaded on any card, Metro single tickets must be used on the actual day of purchase.

Exceptions to the simultaneous loading of tickets

Various types of Bonobus tickets may only be loaded on the same card if they correspond to different zones.


   ♦ A-B3 Bonobus + B3 Bonobus: not possible. 
   ♦  A-B1 Bonobus + B2-B3 Bonobus: possible.

Part payment for journey extension

When a Bonobus ticket does not cover the whole journey you want to make, you should ask the driver for a supplement and pay the difference.

Tickets not available on the Multi Card: 

   ♦ Urban and interurban single bus tickets, which continue to be purchased on board of the vehicle when making the journey. 
   ♦ Parla Tram tickets (single and ten-journey). 
   ♦ Fuenlabrada EMT special 10-journey tickets. 
   ♦ Suburban Rail (Cercanías) tickets (single, return, Bonotren and monthly season).

How to obtain it?

The Multi Card has a price of 2.50 euro. In the case of cards which have a tourist ticket as their first load, the price of the card will be included in the selling price of the actual tourist ticket.

Cards may be purchased with no tickets loaded.

They may be purchased at: 
♦ Metro and Light Metro (Metro Ligero) automatic machines 
Network of tobacconists and other authorized points of sale

The Public Transport Card management offices do not sell cards.

How is it used?

The card should be placed near the reader, which will discount one journey per validation and inform you via the validation machine screens of the number of journeys remaining, with accumulation of the total number of tickets available.


Card with load and reload of a Zone A-B2 bonobus effects the third validation; the screen will inform that 17 journeys remain available.

As many consecutive validations may be made as passengers using the service with the same card, with the sole condition –as happens at present in the case of magnetic ten-journey tickets– that the passengers have to remain with the holder of the card.

Where can it be loaded?

Cards may be loaded at: 
♦ Automatic machines installed at Metro Madrid stations 
♦ Automatic machines installed at Light Metro (Metro Ligero) (ML1, ML2 and ML3) stations 
Bankia teller machines indicated for the purpose 
Tobacconists or other authorized points of sale

Tourist tickets may also be loaded at the automatic machines installed at Suburban Rail (Cercanías) stations. 
Consultation of balance

At the time of validation, the reader screen will inform you of the journeys available with the pass used, including the reload if you have already done it.

The content of the card may be consulted within the whole network, i.e.: 
♦ Automatic machines installed at Metro Madrid stations 
♦ Automatic machines installed at Light Metro (Metro Ligero) (ML1, ML2 and ML3) stations 
♦ Automatic machines installed at Suburban Rail (Cercanías) stations 
Bankia teller machines indicated for the purpose 
Tobacconists or other authorized points of sale

in addition to the App 'Tarjeta Transporte Público' (Public Transport Card). The information offered will show the available balance of each ticket loaded.

Control and inspection
The Multi Card should be submitted in properly preserved condition to the Madrid Regional Transport Consortium ticket inspectors and operating company staff who so request.

Which tickets may be loaded?

You may load the following tickets: 
   ♦ Metro single and ten-journey tickets 
   ♦ Light Metro (Metro Ligero) single and ten-journey tickets 
   ♦ EMT urban bus ten-journey tickets 
   ♦ Other urban bus ten-journey tickets 
   ♦ Interurban bus ten-journey tickets 
   ♦ Tourist tickets

Tickets not available on the Multi Card:
   ♦ Single tickets on urban and interurban buses, which will continue to be purchased on board the vehicle at the time of making the journey.
   ♦ Parla Tram own tickets (single and ten-journey).
   ♦ Special Fuenlabrada EMT 10-journey tickets.
   ♦ Suburban Rail (Cercanías) own tickets (single, return, bonotren and monthly season).

Management of incidents

Theft / Loss

No refund will be made in the case of cards lost or stolen.

Involuntary validations

It consists of the discount of a journey involuntarily by mistake when carrying out consecutive validations. This circumstance can only be remedied if you notice it at the time that it has occurred.

In this case, the bus driver will present you with a supporting slip that you should submit to the management office so as to obtain replacement of the journey made involuntarily.

In the case of Metro Madrid journeys, you should inform a tickets sales officer of the event and, after carrying out a check, he will restore the journey unduly discounted by way of a function of the automatic machine.

If you travel on Light Metro (Metro Ligero), you will have to communicate the circumstance at the fist station with staff present and they will tell you how to solve the problem.

Unpermitted validation

This occurs when the load available on the card does not allow the journey to be made (ticket expired or ticket loaded not suitable for the journey to be made).

The validation screen will display a message to inform you of this circumstance.

You will have to purchase a single ticket.
Card not accepted

If your card were not accepted at validation for unknown reasons, you should pay the price of a single ticket and settle the matter at a management office, where they will tell you the appropriate solution.

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