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To travel on all forms of transport. Young Person’s Season Ticket


The new 30-day Young Person’s Season Ticket will have a single rate of 20 euro for all fare zones (with the option of travelling from Zone A to E2) with a wider validity than at present, which is extended to the date when the holder reaches the age of 26.

How to obtain the new rate

30-day Young person’s season

Users who already have the Public Transport Card do not need to apply for the new card. Their profile will be updated to the new terms and conditions automatically, quite free of charge, at the first card reloading or balance consultation operation that they perform at the Metro network automatic machines or at official tobacconists.

Annual Season Ticket

Those persons between 7-25 years of age who have an Annual Season Ticket loaded will have to secure the adaptation of their card by going, with prior appointment, to one of the Public Transport Card Management Offices that issue Annual Season Tickets, where they may request the return of the respective amount advanced in accordance with the new rate.

New users

Persons who do not yet have the Public Transport Card may apply for it via the Internet and they will receive it at their home 7-15 days after application. Cost of issue of the card is €4.

Further information

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