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Pueblo Nuevo

Station adapted for: Disabled
Tariff zone
  • Line 5
  • Line 7


  • Mobile coverage

  • Elevators

  • Escalators

  • Rolling corridors

  • ATM`s

  • O.N.C.E.


Vestibule Access name Restrictided time table (**) Comments
Emilio Ferrari Hermanos de Pablo
Alcalá, 373 (próx. Hnos. de Pablo)
Emilio Ferrari Emilio Ferrari
Alcalá, 366 (próx. Emilio Ferrari)
Emilio Ferrari Ascensor
Alcalá, 366
Vicente Espinel Doctor Vallejo (Pileo-Dr. Vallejo)
Alcalá, 387
Vicente Espinel Vicente Espinel
Alcalá, 380 (Campuzano-V. Espinel)
Vicente Espinel Campuzano
Alcalá, 378 (Campuzano-V. Espinel)

** The opening hours of all our access is from 6:00 to 1:30 except access with special hours.

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