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1. Only one bicycle, at the most, will be permitted per passenger.

2. Passengers taking a bicycle with them shall be responsible for its safekeeping and care, making sure in their movements not to cause injuries or nuisance to other users and/or harm or damage to the underground railway installations and rolling stock. They shall be liable for any harm or damage caused with it.

3. Journeys on the train shall be made with a maximum of two bicycles placed in the front car and two bicycles in the rear car, adjacent in both cases to the driving cabs. On trains provided with special spaces set aside for bicycles, they must be placed in these spaces.

4. Passengers taking a bicycle with them will be able to carry it on the escalators, rolling walkways and in lifts, providing that their level of occupancy so permits and that they do not cause inconvenience to other users.

5. Riding the bicycle in the installations (corridors, platforms, etc.) is strictly forbidden.

6. In any case, Metro will be able to restrict access with bicycles when they may interfere with the normal working of the service and, specifically, when particular circumstances arise that may cause this to be considered advisable, such as crowding, breakdowns or other operating incidents that impair transit and mobility within the installations.

7. From Monday to Friday you may have access with your bicycle throughout normal service hours, except from 7.30-9.30 a.m., 2-4 p.m. and 6-8 p.m. On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays you will be able to do so throughout all service hours.

8. 92 stations in the network have no time restriction on access with bicycles. You may find out which at  bicycle access times and at the Metro Madrid official app.

In any case, if a user were found in the facilities travelling with a bicycle in the times when not allowed, after weighing up the situation and providing that circumstances so permit (low passenger occupancy, etc.), Metro staff would permit the user to continue with his or her journey, while notifying the Central Command Post of this. Otherwise, the user will be told that he or she may not continue his or her journey.

Lastly, we point out that for purposes of their conveyance, children’s and bicycles that are folded will be considered as items of hand luggage and governed by the specific rules for these as laid down in Article 2, paragraph b) of the Metro Madrid Passenger Regulations.

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