Virtual visits

Historic Train Exhibition

Enjoy our 3D tour and make a virtual visit to the Metro de Madrid exhibition of restored classic trains in Chamartín station. You can see all the detail close-up at this exhibition and discover part of the interesting history of Metro de Madrid between platforms 1 and 2.



100 years of Metro de Madrid exhibition

If you want to discover original machinery from the era, and models and photos of Metro de Madrid, take the virtual tour we offer. You can also see what the Engine Shed looked like when it supplied electricity to the whole underground system.



Underground portraits

See the portraits and hear the testimony of famous people from the world of cinema, music, literature, drawing and sport that wish to pay tribute to Metro de Madrid in its centenary year.



Photo exhibition ‘100 years of Metro’ in Aeropuerto T1, T2, T3 station

Visit the photo exhibition ‘100 years of Metro’ located in Aeropuerto T1, T2, T3 station and look back over the history of Metro de Madrid with us. See exclusive photos and get an idea of how Metro has changed over its 100 years of history.



Museos de Metro. Engine Shed

Move virtually around the Engine Shed that served to generate and transform energy that powered the trains on the underground system and get an idea of the size of the train engines and their function..