Educating users of the future

Due to the current health situation and as a measure of containment and prevention of COVID 19, face-to-face visits in the Metro network with school groups have been temporarily cancelled. These activities will continue to happen in an online format, in coordination with the Educational Centres.


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Knowing the Metro well, how to use the facilities correctly, encouraging its current and future use, knowing your rights and duties...

Awareness of the responsible use of the Metro as a means of public transport is essential for sustainability. For this reason, Metro is developing a programme of educational activities aimed at the children of today - the adults of the future - through schools, special education centres and occupational centres.


Online school visits to Metro facilities

  • Aimed at students in 4th, 5th and 6th year of primary school.

  • Number of students per activity: up to 30

  • Duration of the activity: 60-75 minutes

Through online digital format we will work with the classroom in an interactive and dynamic way in which all students will have the opportunity to participate. Our aim is that, through a trip on the underground and taking the entrance to a station as the starting point, the students get to know and learn different basic aspects of this means of transport. :

  • Learn about the history of the Metro.

  • Get to know and learn how to use the different elements of a station and a train.

  • Learn to interpret maps, signs and pictograms as a safety and information measure in stations and trains.

  • How to make good use of the facilities. Rights and duties as passengers.

  • Knowing about safety aspects, respect for the environment, accessibility and others.

REACTIVA online project

The name of the project comes from a more general and ambitious project called “Reinforcing Positive Attitude towards Public Transport”.

Workshop “Metro Reactivates the Planet”

Our specific aim with this activity addressed to early primary school children is to promote certain habits within a population group that is still supposedly free from prejudices.

  • Aimed at students in 1st and 2nd year of primary school (adaptation to 3rd year and students with intellectual and developmental disabilities).

  • Number of students per activity: up to 30

  • Duration of the activity: 60-75 minutes (possibility of adapting to the centre's timetable).

  • Games, riddles, rules of safe behaviour. In a dynamic and participative way we share the day with them.

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Online activity aimed at Special Education and Occupational Centres

The specific and priority objective is to encourage students and users with some kind of intellectual or developmental disability to acquire a greater degree of personal independence in their daily lives and therefore in the use of the metro, which in turn promotes their integration in society.

These are very heterogeneous groups and therefore the contents must be adapted to the specific needs of each one.

  • Aimed at students of EBO, Transition to Adult Life, Initial Professional Qualification Programmes and users of Occupational Centres.

  • Number of students per activity: up to 20.

  • Duration of the activity: 60-75 minutes.

  • We work with support materials that facilitate the understanding and learning of basic elements of operation and safety and emphasise the recommendations that must be observed and respected by all our users. Through their visuals and graphics, the materials show in a simple but effective way the standard use of Metro de Madrid for daily journeys.

p>To apply for participation in these activities, please contact:


  • Online school visit and CEE and CO online activity
    Tel. 91 3790156 - 91 3797209
  • Reactiva online project online
    Tel. 91 3790156
  • Or via e-mail;

Metro for children


MMetro de Madrid user-friendly, even for children. Learn how children can use the Metro network with these computer graphics.

Visitas culturales para grupos de adultos

Después de más de 100 años dando servicio a la ciudad, Metro de Madrid, inaugurado el 17 de octubre de 1919, es un referente internacional del transporte público. El metro forma parte de la cultura madrileña y está íntimamente ligado a la historia de la ciudad.

Desde 2008 se han ido rehabilitando diversos espacios históricos, que se han convertido en museos para dar a conocer los primeros pasos de este popular medio de transporte.

Con el propósito de ampliar nuestra oferta actual, hemos organizado visitas guiadas, de lunes a jueves laborables, para grupos de adultos.

La filosofía de estos encuentros es dar a conocer aspectos relevantes de la Historia de Metro de Madrid; para ello proponemos dos recorridos por tres espacios emblemáticos:

  • Chamberí, una de las primeras estaciones de la red, hoy día recuperada y convertida en museo.
  • Antiguo Vestíbulo de Pacífico, extraordinariamente conservado y Nave de Motores, antigua subestación eléctrica también convertida en espacio museístico.

Estas Visitas Culturales están dirigidas a colectivos organizados de público adulto interesado en conocer parte de la historia de Metro de Madrid. En este segmento se encuentran entre otros:

    • Centros culturales del Ayuntamiento de Madrid
    • Centros culturales de la Comunidad de Madrid
    • Universidades
    • Otras asociaciones de carácter cultural

NOTA: Por las características y la ubicación de los diferentes espacios, no podemos ofertar las visitas a personas con movilidad reducida.

Para participar en estas actividades, pueden contactar por email a: