A 100-year-old company

8 stations and 4 kilometres. This was the first Metro de Madrid line that was inaugurated on 17 October 1919 between Cuatro Caminos and Sol. Almost 100 years later, Metro has reached 12 municipalities in Madrid, where over 75% of the residents live less than 600 metres away from a Metro station.

Since the first journey made by Alfonso XIII, Metro has expanded in an exponential manner, mirroring the demographic and economic growth experienced in the Autonomous Community of Madrid, to 295 km and 302 stations throughout the network. It is ranked among the great underground systems in the Western world: it is the fourth in terms of the number of stations, behind New York, Paris and London Metros, and the fourth in terms of extension behind Moscow, London and New York. In 2023, 662,3 million users chose Metro as a form of public transport within the region.

Today, Metro is a big company with more than 7.000 employees devoted to the mobility of Madrilenians. 

Metro Madrid




Metro de Madrid's Mission Statement emphasises its vocation to provide a quality, efficient and customer-focused public service. An while doing so, enhancing safety, sustainability and technological innovation and digitisation. The Mission is expressed in the following terms:

 "To be the main mobility solution in the region of Madrid, providing a quality, efficient and customer-oriented public service, while promoting safety, sustainability and innovation."



Directly derived from the Mission, three main lines or Strategic Pillars are set on which Metro de Madrid's more specific strategic approaches are based:


This is a fundamental concept at Metro de Madrid as a public transport company, the backbone of mobility in the region, which revolves around the continuous improvement of providing a service to its customers.


Metro de Madrid offers an essential service for citizens that is committed to improving people's lives with an efficient, adapted and quality service, capable of contributing to the economic progress of society, while looking after the environment and relying on efficient, ethical and responsible management.



Safety, in its broadest sense, is the core of the company's raison d'être, included in its mission from its very origin, being the centre of its value proposition: offer a public, safe and quality service. Metro de Madrid guarantees a high standard of safety in the provision of the service, for passengers, employees and other stakeholders.



ENSURING THE RELIABILITY OF THE TRIP This objective aims to ensure the offered waiting time and to reduce the incidents that have the greatest impact on customers.
ENSURING ECONOMIC-FINANCIAL SUSTAINABILITY This objective aims at economic and financial sustainability, optimising financial results and the cost per trip.
MAINTAINING CUSTOMER CONFIDENCE This objective includes the ongoing recovery in demand while maintaining the excellent perception of our customers.
FOSTERING PEOPLE'S COMMITMENT People's commitment, which is key to the achievement of objectives, is fostered through the improvement of available working time and internal communication.
MAKING PROGRESS ON KEY PROJECTS This objective pursues the progress of key projects for 2023, such as the renovation of the L1 track superstructure, the construction of the Data Processing Centre, the design of the Network Control and Operation Centre, the consolidation of initiatives in the field of cybersecurity, the optimisation of the use of the New Headquarters and certain milestones of the New Rolling Stock acquisition project.